Sandåsa Timber AB continues a long sawmill tradition. Our two sawmills are both located in an old mill area and carry on old industrial history.



The sawmill in Åkers Styckebruk has been in its present location at the lake Visnaren and Råckstaån since the end of the 19th century when a steam saw was established there. One kilometer westwards, Gustav Vasa founded a crown saw in the 16th century, which catered to the needs of Åkers Styckebruk and Gripsholms Castle. Sandåsa acquired the saw in 1987 and has over the years developed and adapted the plant to modern production requirements.

In 2006, a brand new  saw-line was built, linked to today's most modern control system. Increased saw exchange of the expensive raw material and faster and more flexible production changes were the result.

In 2008, a camera sorting system was set for timber quality determination into the adjusting plant where the timber can be sorted in regards to quallity  and dimension with great accuracy.

  • Production capacity 110 000 m3 sawn goods

  • Distribution 1/3 pine och 2/3 spruce

  • A large part of the volume produced goes to the wood processing facility in Sandåsa

  • Thicker dimensions of pine is mostly exported to the Middle East, North Africa and England

  • Some parts of the volume produced goes to industrial customers in Sweden



The sawmill in Forssjö Bruk also carries on an old tradition of use. In Forssjö Bruk operations have been conducted for over 500 years. As in Åkers Styckebruk, the iron ore, the water and the forest are the common denominators.

Since the acquisition of the sawmill in 2012, major investments have been made in improving, modernizing and rationalize the technology in order to increase the saw exchange and production. In 2014, production changed from having only sawn pine to also spruce. The adjusting plant in Forssjö has also been equipped with a camera sorting system to rationalize and quality assure wood sorting.


  • Production capacity 100 000 m3 sawn goods

  • Distribution 2/3 pine och 1/3 spruce

  • Part of the volume produced goes to the wood processing  facility in Sandåsa

  • The largest part is exported or delivered to customers within Sweden



We take another step towards meeting our customers' wishes by refining our wood products.

IMG_0128 hemsida.jpg


The wood processing facility is located in the middle of Mälardalen in Sandåsa, 7 km east of Strängnäs, 17 km from the sawmill in Åkers Styckebruk and 100 km from the sawmill in Forssjö Bruk. The production consists of 2 planing lines, 1 splitting line, impregnation, finger-jointing, painting of panels and briquette production.

  • Production capacity of our plaining lines, 100 000 m3nom.

  • Today's production is largely focused on customers in construction, manufacturers of buildings and industries in Sweden and Europe.

We meet requests for special products and  due to our location we are able to offer quick deliveries. We have a large volume of standard products  in stock  and can quickly satisfy our customers with goods.

From sawn wood to plained wood in one of our plaining-lines.